Your Vacation Music Hits List: “Vacation”/”Summer”/”Relaxation”/”Travel” Likely Rank 2nd As A Source For Song Writers’ Inspiration

Nothing has inspired more songs to be written than the concept of “love,” in all of its many aspects. That’s beyond obvious. But the second-greatest inspiration for song writers is not quite so obvious, at least until you do a little digging around on the Internet.

As far as I can tell there’s no actual list of such things, but the notion of “vacation” and its related themes of “summer,” “relaxation” and “travel” certainly are in contention for No. 2 on the all-time music hit list, if there were such a list.

Doubt it? You’ve probably got a vacation-themed song playing you head right now, whether it’s Vacation by The Go-Gos,  Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham and Christmas Vacation by Mavis Staples (both from the wildly popular series of National Lampoon’s Vacation movies) or something a bit less obvious like Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me, or Blake Shelton’s Some Beach.

So why is it that having a great time relaxing away from work and our daily routines plays such a prominent role in the creation of popular music? Because we have great, fond memories of the many great times we’ve had on vacation, relaxing and traveling to new or interesting places and enjoying experiences we rarely or never had before.  And artists want to tap into that emotional energy to engage us.

Here’s a starter list of some of my favorite vacation themed songs.  Please add others in the comments.  Maybe someone will be inspired to make a compilation.


See you onboard.

Note: The music and video links included here are meant for your reference and convenience. Some are links to public websites that may include unauthorized, lower quality versions of songs or performances. Others are to commercial music sales sites where you can listen to portions or “samples” of the referenced songs for free. If you download any of songs, please respect the rights of the musicians to receive payment for their work and art by doing so through reputable music retailing sites or the artists’ own web sites.


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