What Kind of Reality Are You Going Back To Now That Summer’s Over?

Now that we’ve moved past Labor Day, the traditional end of Summer, we all are dealing with the idea of heading back to work or school and getting back into our normal routines. The expression we all use is “back to reality.”

I think we have it all wrong.

Vacation time is the real “reality.”

That’s when life is most real.  Vacation time is when you get to spend time with family and friends. It’s when you get to see new places in the world, to taste new foods, and to do exciting new things. That’s what life is really all about.

Princess Pool

Whether your reality involves hanging out around some of the coolest pools in the ocean…


… quietly watching the beauty of the world slip past with someone special….

That is “reality;” when we truly experience life to its fullest.

So I vote that we stop using the “back to reality” line to describe our return from summer or from vacation. Rather, we should use something like “back to my daily routine.”

“Back to reality” should be what we say about the very real time we spend, and the very real experiences we’ll have while on vacation, or during our less structured, more relaxed, less-structured and refreshing summers.


… enjoying a romantic stroll on the deck at dusk…

Seabourn intimacy

… sharing life with intimate friends….

That’s why now, the end of summer, is a great time to begin thinking and dreaming about – and booking – your next vacation. Any of our 10 vacation brands can to take you on a great back-to-reality experience, whether it’s enjoying one of Carnival Cruise’s Fun Ships, coming back new from a Princess Cruise, or making a difference on a social impact/cultural exchange cruise with our newest brand, Fathom.

But whether you take a cruise or choose some other kind of vacation experience, remember to say – and think – “back to reality” before you go, not after you return.

Venice 1

… visiting some of the world’s most famous destinations…

Carnival ship night

…. enjoying exciting evenings in vibrant locales…

Holland horses

… going for long rides along the beach…


… or exploring different cultures and making a difference there, your reality is most real when you’re experiencing life to the fullest.

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